Welcome to Lapland!

Rental Cottage in Pyhätunturi

A rental cottage – that truly is the the best way to stay in Lapland. All our holiday homes are equipped with all the needed tableware, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer, microwave oven, washing machine, drying cabinet, fireplace and lots more! All the apartments also have bedrooms with doors, a TV set with a DVD player, a toaster, coffee maker, 2 toilets, outdoor storage room and a patio behind the house. All our homes also have windows with a picturuesque view of Pyhätunturi.

We like to call our cottage an “apartment hotel”, because it actually is one bigger rental cottage with 4 separate apartments. Read the descriptions of the apartments below!

  1. Pyhäkoti Karhu (A) - Bear

    Pinta-ala: 51m2

    Welcome to Pyhäkoti Karhu (Bear)! All Pyhäkoti apartments are located in a two-story terraced house in the city center of… Lue lisää

  2. Pyhäkoti Kuukkeli (B) - Siberian Jay

    Pinta-ala: 51m2

    Pyhäkoti Kuukkeli (B) - Siberian Jay All Pyhäkoti apartments are located in a two-story terraced house in the city center… Lue lisää

  3. Pyhäkoti Naali (C) - Arctic Fox

    Pinta-ala: 51m2

    Welcome to Pyhäkoti Naali (C) - Arctic Fox! All Pyhäkoti apartments are located in a two-story terraced house in the… Lue lisää

  4. Pyhäkoti Poro (D) - Reindeer

    Pinta-ala: 51m2

    Welcome to Pyhäkoti Poro (D) - Reindeer All Pyhäkoti apartments are located in a two-story terraced house in the city… Lue lisää

Why choose a cottage instead of a hotel?

Even though hotels are lovely, a holiday home in a real Finnish cottage is the only true way to enjoy the true Lapland magic. You can come and go as you please, you can cook whenever and whatever you want and the sauna is just for your private use. A rental cottage offers you the atmosphere and luxury of privacy that no hotel can provide. Our apartments are localted in the beautiful nature right next to the ski slopes of Pyhätunturi. This central location is ideal for families with kids, couples as well as friend groups.

In addition, renting a cabin in Pyhä is easy! At this time, you can book our holiday homes through Booking.com, AirBnB and Pyhäbooking as well by sending us an email inquiry about the current availability of our homes.

How do I get the keys?

After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a PIN code for a key box. This code will be used to open the box and the keys will be there waiting for you. If you are having problems with the keys, you can reach out to Venla. Her phone number is +358 50 546 9476.

May I bring pets to the holiday home?

That depends on the pet. We request you to contact us via email so we can discuss this possibility separately with you.

Does the rent include cleaning?

Yes it does! The price of the rental cabin includes a check out cleaning. Nonetheless, you are required to wash the dishes, empty the washing machine and dish washer, put all the furniture back to their places, take the trash and ashes out and remove the bed linen. We will do all the rest. Please still note that you must keep the apartment clean while there and make sure that no damages are caused to the cottage or any of the items in the apartment.

Rent a cottage in Pyhätunturi!

We welcome you to Pyhätunturi to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park as well as the amazing ski slopes and well maintained crosscountry ski routes of Pyhä. This is the closest you can get to the slopes without skis! So book one of our apartments – or the whole rental cottage for the week or weeks you need!


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