Jänkäkolo Cabin

Welcome to Pyhäkoti Jänkäkolo!

Jänkäkolo- from the words “jänkä” meaning a swamp sparsely covered by trees, prevalent in Lappish nature and “kolo”, literally a hole but here referring to a cozy and homelike area of lounging – is exactly what you want for your next vacation!

The Jänkäkolo Cabin in a nutshell:

  • Sleeps a total of 6 people, perfect for families and groups of people
  • 2 separate bedrooms; one on ground floor, the second on 1st floor and 2 more beds on the loft
  • 1 bathroom with a sauna (electric stove)
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • A spacious living room with a TV
  • A terrace perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink after sauna bathing or a cup of coffee to start your day
  • A storage space for your skis, snowboards and the like
  • Offers you everything you need for a perfect vacation

The Jänkäkolo Cabin is situated just 2,7 kilometers from the Pyhä Family Ski Lift (Perhehissi) that is your closest access to the slopes and only 3 kilometers from the K-market Pyhäntähti supermarket that sells groceries and all necessary everyday items. In this city center, right next to the slopes and the grocery store, you can find a few different restaurants and bars as well as ski and snowmobile rentals, a gas station and the Pyhä-Luosto Visitor and Culture Center Naava.

Ski tracks (Luppo – Pyhä-Asteli ski track) are only 150 metres away, see all Pyhä ski tracks here

Peaceful, affordable and homelike. Jänkäkolo Cabin is the carefree option for all who want to find a place they can call home during their vacation.

So what are you waiting for? Book your accommodation and enjoy the Finnish hospitality, Lappish atmosphere and the beautiful nature of Pyhä at The Jänkäkolo Cabin.





+358 50 546 9476 / Venla Reitti


Lampionkuru 7, 98530 Pelkosenniemi


[email protected]